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David Cleden lives in the UK and works in London. Recently he won the Aeon Award for short fiction, and has previously been a James White Award winner, with published work in Interzone, Empyreome, Electric Spec and The Colored Lens. His day job is writing business proposals but turns to writing fiction after hours and is still working hard not to get the two muddled up. He lives in a household with a ridiculously large number of cute cats, as per the rules of all author bios. Complaints and criticism can be directed to him on Twitter as @davidcleden.
Empyreome Publications:
Billion Bright Ambassadors of Dawn [Volume 2 Issue 4 - October 2018]
Rhapsody for a Bohemian [Volume 1 Issue 4 - October 2017]
Rage Against the Dying [Volume 1 Issue 2 - April 2017]