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Sara Lundberg is a Kansas-grown author of the fantasy persuasion. The voices in her head have been whispering stories to her since she was little, and she finally started writing them down thanks to the encouragement of her eighth grade English teacher. Sara runs a fiction website called the Confabulator Café, has had a handful of short stories published in anthologies and magazines, and has won both honorable mention and third place in the Writers Weekly 24-hour short story contest. She's been known to try on many different genres—metaphysical to memoir, horror to haiku—but she's happiest making up stories about the fantastical things she is convinced are waiting for her just around the corner. Until she finds the right corner, she is content to write about those things instead. Follow her on Twitter @saraelwriter where she sometimes tweets about writing but more often retweets things that make her laugh. You can also find her on Facebook.
Empyreome Publications:
Sphinx's Jeopardy [Weekly Flash - April 28, 2017]