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Breakfast Alone

The sun shimmered in through the curtains of my bedroom, warm rays that pulled me from my slumber. I opened my eyes and heard my phone vibrate.

"Good morning beautiful!" it read.

My heart fluttered and I couldn't help but smile. He always sent me a message first thing in the morning.

"Good morning babe!" I replied. "How's work?"

I got out of bed and made my way to the kitchen. His next message came just as I started warming up breakfast.

"Work's okay. I probably won't be home until after you're asleep again."

Work had been keeping him from me for a while. I missed him so much.

The microwave had almost finished when the power suddenly flicked off. I cursed. I hated everything about that old house.

I went down to the breaker box in the basement and flicked the misplaced switch back on. I gave myself a moment to lean against the wall. My chest was tight and I felt the tears welling up.

Back in the corner of the basement on his old desk, I saw the lights on the black box flashing from the outage. I forced myself to go over and reset the AI program.

After I reset, my phone vibrated. Tears streaked down my face.

"Good morning beautiful!"

I tried to smile. He always sent me a message first thing in the morning.

About the Author
Eric Fomley lives in a small town in Indiana where he works as a facility manager for a large retail company. In his spare time, he enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy stories, tinkering with his own stories, and playing more than a small dose of video games. You can catch his ramblings and publications by following him on his website at ericfomley.com.