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From the Editor: Spring Has Sprung

Being a native of southeastern Pennsylvania, I have come to love all the seasons. As I write, my office windows are open, and the birds are chirping, signaling the beginning of spring, while a soft breeze rustles the papers on my desk. The tulips have sprouted, and I imagine that the song the birds are singing is titled something like Here Comes the New. After all, spring is the time for new!

It's also time for something new here at Empyreome! In this issue, you will find six fresh, new stories, bursting from the earth, their shoots toward the sun, waiting to be read and enjoyed. I'm confident that you won't be disappointed, so onward and upward!

About the Author
Randy Hulshizer is publisher and editor-in-chief at Empyreome Magazine. He lives near Philadelphia, PA where he has been a professional writer and editor for over a decade. He has written countless stories, published a number of them, and won several awards. You can follow his tweets at @randyhulshizer.