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An Apple of Gold

Hi! I’m Laura, and I’m addicted to stories. I want to thank you for letting me read your precious work! Getting to read these original stories feels exactly like Christmas morning to me: I prepare a giant mug of tea, don a warm sweater, and sit down to my computer with a sense of expectation and excitement when I see the new submissions arrive. What will they contain? Where will they lead me? How will I see the world after I have opened this file?

These stories I receive are so new and fresh that sometimes reading them feels like a movie premiere: I laugh, gasp, and sigh as their plot progresses. This can be confusing for my children, who would really like to know why Mama is crying into her mug of tea.

It makes my day when a particularly creative story comes my way. I get excited for its publication date; I want as many people as possible to read your story and be enchanted by your characters.  I want your audience to feel the same excitement I feel while I dwell in your setting. I want your readers to recognize the way our world is, and to hope that it can be different, because of your portrayal.

Not only is this work an honour, but it is very fun! I have had such a wonderful variety of stories to read through since Empyreome’s inception. It reminds me of The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis. Early on, the protagonists find themselves in a deep green Wood Between the Worlds, filled with trees and little pools of water. Each pool leads to a different world, so Diggory & Polly spend the rest of the story traveling between worlds, encountering all kinds of adventures. I regularly plunge into new, exciting worlds where anything may happen.

Each story has such a unique flavour and takes such unexpected turns that sometimes it leaves me slightly dizzy, to tell you the truth. It never gets old to feel the giddy surprise of a plot twist; it’s like the first whirling plunge of a roller coaster, only way better because I won’t lose my breakfast. Some of my favourite stories so far feel so real that I half-expect to see them in the newspaper! Others have a sense of magical mystery that I find intoxicating.

Reading your submissions is my new favourite pastime, and it lends such a sparkle to my everyday routine. It is as though I went out to my garden to pick ripe apples for practical use, brushed aside the leaves of my little tree, and found an apple of gold flashing in the morning sunlight, waiting to be shown to all my friends and given a place of honour in the world.

About the Author
Laura Rizzo is an assistant editor at Empyreome. She has moved back and forth across the American-Canadian border all her life, and books were the friends she could always bring with her. She loves fantasy, where anything is possible, and mysteries, where justice is served. She also reads broadly in history, medicine, philosophy and other non-fiction. Past work includes dragonfly research in New York State, medical technical writing in PA, and freelance editing in both. She currently lives with her family near Philadelphia, PA where she holds dual citizenship and a BS in biology. You can follow her tweets at @rizzlemethis.