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October 13, 2017
by Meg Elison
"I have good days and bad days," the old man muttered. No one paid any attention, because that's what everyone has. It was as if he said that he had arms and legs, or that he had in-breaths and out-breaths. Everyone has good days and bad days. What matters is the number. "How much did you get for your Sweet Sixteen?" Maura was chewing on the end of her bright blue hair again. Gertie wondered if she could taste the dye as it leached. "My mom said it went straight into my college fund, so I don't really know. She says I'll find out later." "I hear they're really expensive. I should have sold my quince, but I didn't know that was an option." Maura stepped around the old man without looking at him. The two girls kept up their brisk pace down the street, their boot heels making high clock-clock noises....
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