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As of January 2019, Empyreome suspended operations with no immediate plans to restart.
Please enjoy this archived content by some great authors!

As an author, you might be curious about what happens to your submission once we receive it. Below you will find a brief explanation of our process and a table describing typical responses you might receive. We hope you find this information helpful.

  1. Submission - You submit your story through our online submission system. The system automatically logs your submission in our editorial database.
  2. Deidentification (AKA "Blinding") - To ensure that your story will be judged on its own merits, all personally identifiable information (e.g., author name, pseudonym, address, phone number, email) are removed from the manuscript. All submissions readers and editors are blinded to your identity until a final decision has been made.
  3. Pre-Editorial Reading - The editor assigns your story to 2 to 4 submissions readers. Each reader reads the story and fills out an electronic survey, during which the reader rates various elements of your story and provides written rationales for each rating along with an overall impression of your story. These surveys become an important input into the final decision-making process.
  4. Editorial Review (First Level) - An editor reads your story and completes a survey identical to that which the submissions readers completed. This is an optional step—if surveys are overwhelmingly positive or negative, your story will be sent directly to the editor-in-chief.
  5. Editorial Review (Second Level) - Generally, if at least 50% of the surveys are positive, the editor-in-chief reads your story and enters his notes in the system.
  6. Initial Decision - We try to make an initial decision on your story within 2 weeks of your submission, but it can take longer. After reviewing all surveys related to your story (and his own notes, if applicable), the editor-in-chief may take one of the following actions:
    • Decline - The editor has decided not to purchase your story.
    • Hold - The editor has decided to hold your story for further review. Most stories that are accepted were intially held in this manner.
    • Accept - The editor has selected your story for publication.
  7. Held Story Review - After the editor-in-chief has finished his review, he will make a final decision whether to decline or accept your story. It can take several weeks or more for the editor to make a decision on a held story, so please be patient.
  8. Acceptance - If the editor-in-chief decides to accept your story for publication, he will email you with a link to the online contract form and the offer terms. Simply fill out and sign the form. You will also provide a short author bio and photo (optional) at this time.
  9. Pre-Publication Editorial Review - No later than two weeks prior to publication, an editor will send you a proof of your story for your review. Editorial changes at this point are generally minor (e.g., spelling, grammar), but you are free to accept or reject any editorial changes, or suggest other changes to the editor. Once the final proof is accepted by you and the editor, the draft moves to production.
  10. Production - Your story, bio, and photo are formatted and compiled for our online publication system. We might contact you at this point if we run into any issues, but this is rare.
  11. Publication - Your story is published at Empyreome for all the world to read! Everyone reads it and loves it!
  12. Payment - Within 15 days of the date of publication, you will receive payment for your story via PayPal.
Editorial Responses

The following are typical email responses you might receive from the editor:

48%Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read your story, "Sample Title". Unfortunately, it’s not quite what we’re looking for. I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors.Declined: FORM
May include notes about formatting.
27%Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read your story, "Sample Title". Unfortunately, it’s not quite what we’re looking for. I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors, and I hope you'll consider submitting another story in the future.Declined: FORM
Writing shows potential.
15%Same (or slightly modified) message as above but with personal notes added, e.g., "I enjoyed the story; however..." May include notes on what we liked or why we did not accept it.Declined: PERSONAL
Writing shows strong potential.
6%I’m writing to let you know that your story “Sample Title” has passed our first-round review, and I’m seriously considering it...Held for consideration
4%I am pleased to inform you that we have decided to accept your story “Sample Title” for publication...Accepted for publication


  • Percentages are current as of July 31, 2018
  • The first column indicates the approximate percentage of submissions that reach but do not exceed a particular response tier. For example, about 10% of all submissions are held for consideration, but some (~4% of all submissions) will be accepted. These are not included in the 6% held for consideration.
  • A "decline" does not necessarily mean that your story has no merit. It simply means that it was not right for our publication. Dont' give up!
  • The term "writing shows potential" indicates that your story demonstrated elements that could be a good fit for Empyreome. We hope you'll try again!